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Bella & Brooks 2018 Debut Collection

The vision for our debut collection was to remain true to our original concept, to be the perfect mix of simplicity and luxury. Reigning from Bella and Brooks’ birthplace of Australia we understand climate and surf can deteriorate and fade fabric quickly. We knew our pieces needed to be both buttery soft on the skin and durable. To ensure we provided quality to our Bella girls we worked closely with our offshore manufacturer taking time to source the perfect fabric and consistency for each piece. When we perfected the fabric we then worked on the design prototypes – creating multiple sample pieces to ensure we had the cut and detail to flatter all body types and endure even active lifestyle choices like surf, ocean swimming and exploring. Our designer ensured smaller detail features to make the fit and feel of each piece appear bespoke on the individual. When a Bella girl wears a piece from our collection they can be assured it has been made specifically for them. In future we wish to diversify the line with sizing’s and print.



Bella & Brooks

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