Bella & Brooks Launches!

Introducing Bella and Brooks 2018 Summer Collection!

Luxury swimwear made with you in mind 

Bella and Brooks was created in early 2017 to inspire moments of fun and passion. By June 2018 we had launched our debut collection and started our journey on the market providing products that are the perfect mix of simplicity and luxury. We established that as a Swimwear brand we want to support an active healthy lifestyle that supports both individuality and creativity. Our close-knit team comprises of creative individuals from different parts of the world, working seamlessly together to create unique inspiring content that speaks to women around the globe. Acceptance and creativity being large parts of our foundation, this allows us to strive for inclusion and quality in all aspects.

Our dream is to dominate the swimwear sector globally with premium products and fits for our diverse range of beautiful Bella Babes. Our vision is to perfect and create the platform needed to extend our product diversity, whilst our swimwear be a permanent fixture in every woman’s beach bag. The pieces we make can take you from your holiday shallows, to poolside afternoons and back all while exuding confidence and elegance to any of your beach day apparel. We want to continue to make an imprint on the swimwear sector – and become a permanent fixture in every woman’s suitcase or beach bag.

So the question now is this…will you join our team of Bella Babes? We promise not to disappoint!


Bella & Brooks

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